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Why is this website so named?

Wednesday 6th July 2011

Being laid up ill for a week, I thought I'd write a couple of blog posts answering some questions I often get asked.  So, to start I'll answer the question, "Why is your website called, 23NLPeople?"

Well, it's a little complicated.  Back in 1997, I was very new to creating websites and like many people in the Uk at that time was quite naive to the potential that a well designed and well named website could bring.  I was still working in the health service as my main job and was still developing my therapy business and skill-base.

"NLPeople" was my first choice, but that had already been taken.  Discussing with my girlfriend at the time, we thought that 23NLPeople could be fun, as we were both heavily influenced by Robert Anton Wilson, the counter culture, Discordianism and so on.  So, it was.

To be honest, I wasn't really sure if anyone would "get it", but that didn't matter.  I was just really excited to have the beginnings of a website which put together in a basic and early version Dreamweaver.  I wrote a bunch of articles, mainly about schizophrenia, anti-psychiatry and conspiracy/counter-culture and my girlfriend assembled them into basic pages.

Then something happened.

For reasons I've never quite understood, fans of the US band, "Tool" started promoting my website and writing to me.  I'd never heard of "Tool" before, and as this was many years before YouTube had never heard their music.

The hit-rate on my site went through the roof, emails flooded in and an astonishing number of people started adding my website to their links pages and mentioning me on their pages and groups. Remember, this was before the word "blog" had been invented, and "newsgroups", "IRC" and "usenet" were the Facebook of that time.

Also, this was long before Google was the monster that it is today.  We were still using alta-vista, AOL, Yahoo and Lycos as search engines and used Netscape Navigator to browse the web with.

As time progressed the Tool fans moved on, my website developed and I changed my job to one that gave me one week every month of doing night shifts to provide emergency medical cover in a large manufacturing plant.  In truth there was actually very little to do at all, so I started writing new webpages.  Lots of them.

The "Tool" fans may have started to move on, but nearly all those links remained (but of course mostly faded over time as the websites get taken down, evolved and so on).

Then Google happened.

As a website with 1. lots and lots of original content and 2. lots and lots of incoming links, my site was pretty much at the top of the google search returns for all things hypnosis and NLP related.  There was a time when I was getting 2000-4000 hits per day.

That stupid domain name suddenly become not so stupid. 

My business awareness was still very limited at that time and the website remined non-commercial until around 2005. 

With such good positioning, it seemed daft to change the name.  Thus is has remained.

And that is the much abbreviated story of why this website is thus named. 

Posted by Andrew Austin at 12:37

Gabriel Collins
6th July 2011 at 19:12

Interesting story Andrew! The question is finally answered.

Gabriel Collins
6th July 2011 at 19:25

[Comment deleted by user]

Gabriel Collins
6th July 2011 at 19:30

Funny how sometimes traffic just rises for no reason. I'm still waiting for that to happen to my site lol

Bob Skinner
6th July 2011 at 20:42

I'm no Tool fan by any means, but I remember your website from around 1998 and your posts on alt.psychology.nlp which is how I first heard of you. /Bob.

Rose Mccoy
7th July 2011 at 04:56

It's great that you were able to acquire such a well searched domain name before the big boom and then turn it into a profitable site. Really amazing and reminds us that we never know what the future holds.

Vimal Vincent
7th July 2011 at 12:46

wow this is really interesting and an amazing piece of work. The video has illustrated a great demand of aspects in a variety of ways and i really think your work is absolute professional.

Edward Dereno
7th July 2011 at 12:52

This is some great piece of work here. I really liked it.....Totally amaazing...! Love ITTT

Sidhhu Anil
7th July 2011 at 12:58

Amazing stuff here dude...You have really pointed out some fingers and made some points of ur own and i think you should do more...really well worth the time...!

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