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Some metaphors of digestion and eating (there are more metaphor things over on the Metaphors of Movement website).

Ever noticed how many expressions in our language reflect food and eating when in fact they refer to something else entirely?

"I can't believe he swallowed that!"

"I find that hard to swallow."

"He bit off more than he could chew."

"I like my news in bite size chunks."

"That bad news really sticks in my throat."

"Go on lad, spit it out!"

"I need to chew that over in my mind."

"I like to ruminate on an idea."

"That leaves a bad taste in my mouth."

"I'm sick to the back teeth."

"News feed."

"She's quite a dish."

"I've got a lot on my plate right now."

"Forcing the idea down someone's throat."

"He's a bad egg."

"He has very particular tastes in clothes."

"A recipe for success."

"Cooking up a storm."

"He has an appetite for adventure."

"Let's spice things up a little."

"There is no meat on the argument."

"There mere thought of it turns my stomach."

"He milked it for all it was worth."

"Food for thought."

What others can you think of to add to this list?  Do please add them in the comments section below.

Meanwhile, there is a copy of the original recording of, "Weight Loss - A Neurolinguistic Perspective" on the downloads page.

Posted by Andrew Austin at 13:19

Fatih Köse
3rd June 2012 at 14:34

This smells fishy
Now, That's a pickle!
you're only giving examples of the few bad apples
Slice it up in smaller pieces, that'll be easier to take
I'm full of it
I've had enough of this shit
He's feeding her inside information
The Sandwich Method
He talks really Sweet, it's like Honey is dripping from his tongue
Something's cooking here
You're comparing apples to pears!
That's like pap in the mouth (prechewed knowledge, like it's being fed to babies)
What you just said was so cheesy
This is hard to digest
One spoon at a time
He didn't take the bait

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