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EXO-PSYCHOLOGY. A manual on the use of the human nervous system according to the instructions of the manufacturers.

Dr. Timothy Leary.

If you haven't heard of any of these people or of their work, I would highly recommend these sites as a starter. The work presented by these people is well worth studying by anyone interested in furthering their NLP base. If you have a link that you think belongs here, email me to let me know. Where are all the women?


Great Thinkers

John Lilly
Inventor of the floatation/sensory deprivation tank, communication expert on inter-species communication, LSD and altered states voyager, dolphin researcher and all round good guy (R.I.P. 2001).

Timothy Leary
Tuning in, turning on, dropping out the Leary Way. "LSD guru" ex-Harvard psychology researcher and professor, hero of the sixties. Essential reading, especially with regards to the politics of thought.

Robert Anton Wilson
Reports of his death were greatly exaggerated. Modern day philosopher, prolific author, part time comedian and probably the most intelligent man on the planet. If you haven't read of any of the Cosmic Trigger books, you have been siriusly missing out.

Michael Persinger
Stimulate the right bit of the brain with electro-magnets and sit back, relax and witness the results. This site is run by Todd Murphy and will give you an insight into this fantastic area of research. The implications of this work are enormous. Additionally, it is worth doing a web search on "Persinger God brain" to access the heaps of articles available on the web.

Richard Feynman
Reluctant Nobel Prize winner, practical joker and leading physicist Richard Feynman. I don't know if Feynman's work was ever modelled for NLP/DHE, but his work is well worth a read by people involved in these areas.

Rupert Sheldrake
Too cool for words. The man who takes the areas of "soft science" that we all know to be true, but that the academics dismiss. Find out about the 7 experiments that could change the world. Essential reading!

Richard Dawkins
Author of the classics "The Blind Watchmaker" and "The Selfish Gene" this guy is great. Genetics, evolution, religion, philosophy and much, much more.
Also check out the unofficial site at:

Carl Sagan
It seems to have become rather unfashionable to enjoy Sagan's work and books, which seem to me to be all the more reason to read them. Astronomy, aliens, quantum science and so much more.

Jack Sarfatti and team. Quantum physics, space travel, and more. These guys are either mad, complete geniuses or are poking fun at us mere mortals. You decide!

Douglas Rushkoff
Cyberia, drugs, virtual reality. If you are a fan of Timothy Leary et al, then this is a must for you.

Neurology Sites of Value for NLPeople

Oliver Sacks
At last, Oliver Sacks' homepage! Articles, interviews, book details, lecture schedules, message board. If you haven't read any of this great man's works, you have been seriously missing out. Go there now!

Richard Cytowic
Author of the highly readable "The Man Who Tasted Shapes," Cytowic is the man who "rediscovered synaesthesia." Book and lecture details, articles and more. A must for every NLPer.

Vilayanur S. Ramachandran MD, PhD
Homepage of Dr. Ramachandran, whose work should be of interest to every NLPer. Brilliant!

Oh, was it something about the brain that you were looking for? You name it, this site has it. Simply a fantastic site on all things neurological. Unless you happen to be a salamander...

Dr Joseph PhD not only has supplied some of the best written articles on specific psycho-neurological aspects (look through the "topic and symptoms" section) but he has kindly added in his favourite porn pictures! A brilliant site! Download and study all of the articles - highly informative and entertaining.

Joseph LeDoux
Author of the brilliant [if somewhat complex] book, "The Emotional Brain". Buy the book, read the site. No one interested in NLP can ignore this work.

The Journal Of Neuroscience
Archive of complete articles. Unlike other journals, subscription or university membership is not needed. Complete archive of all thing neurological. Fantastic!

Seeing, Hearing, Smelling.
A brilliant interactional site about the senses. You will learn a lot here.


Psychology Sites of Value

British False Memory Society.
"Serving People and Professionals in Contested Accusations of Abuse ... Here is an opportunity to review the controversy surrounding "recovered memories" and false accusations of childhood sexual abuse."

False Memory Syndrome Foundation.
American site about false memory syndrome and therapy.

Factitious Disorders and Munchausen Syndrome.
Dr Marc Feldman's excellent site about factitious disoders. His book, "Patient or Pretender" is one of the best on the subject. If you work in clinical practice, you need to know about this.


Mind Reading and Magic

Derren Brown
Derren has his own unique brand of mentalism, mind reading and "psychism". He claims no paranormal abilities at all, and yet certainly appears to be able to read minds. Impressive stuff.

Ian Rowland
Ian is another mentalist, magician and a born skeptic. This great site contains tricks, articles and funnies. Highly recommended!

Rex Sikes.
NLP Trainer and motivational speaker brings you, "Motivational Mind Reading!" Rex is highly rated amongst the NLP community, but I don't think he likes me very much.

Penn and Teller.
My favourite magical duo. Bad taste magic, brilliant! Trekkies should watch out for their guest appearance in Babylon 5.

David Blaine.
Street Magician extraordinaire! David has a unique 'mystical' style of presentation. Brilliant!

Lee Darrow.
Interactive Entertainer! Magic, hypnosis, psychism. A regular contributor to alt.hypnosis newsgroup.

James Randi.
The infamous James Randi - thinker, magician, skeptic. There's one million dollars ready waiting to be paid top anyone that can prove their psychic abilities. Go see!

Uri Geller.
The legendary psychic who uses his extraordinary mental powers to.......bend spoons.

Online Magazines.

They ain't laughing with you, they are laughing at you. Fantastic site. Belief changes right ahead, here.

Fortean Times
The Journal Of Strange Phenomena. Probably the best magazine in the world. Check out the online version.

Bizarre Magazine
The "sick sister" of the Fortean Times. Simply marvellous!

The Anomalist
Online magazine of the strange and decidedly odd. If you like Forteana, this is a site for you!

Other Sites of Interest.

Annals of Improbable Research
Humourous site detailing research into areas usually untouched by science.

Committee For The Surrealist Investigation for Claims of The Normal
Jella Hoefsloot's site for happy smiling people.

Darwin Awards
"The Darwin Awards honor those who improve our gene pool by removing themselves from it in really stupid ways. We commemorate those who gave their all, adding a dose of chlorine to the pool."

Sister Taffy.
One of the funniest sites I have seen in a long time. Satirical look at Christianity. Brilliant!

The definitive guide to Urban Myths and Legends. If your friend swears it happened to a friend of a friend, then check it out here....superb stuff!

Urban Legends
The definitive site and reference for the alt.folklore.urban newsgroup. Might be worth reading this site prior to posting on the AFU newsgroup. You were warned...

Skool Records Electronic music and more. Hosted by some of the most creative people I know.

Friends Reunited This is a UK based site - reunited yourself with your old school friends. A fantastic concept, assuming of course that you had friends.

Peter Bowditch's collection of the insane excesses of the internet. Simply hysterical reading - it's the very reason the internet was created!


Calvin and Hobbes.
I couldn't find an official C&H website, but Thomas Stadil Pinstrup has produced a fantastic substitute.

The official Dilbert homepage. Scott Adams' wry look at office and corporate culture.

The Far Side.
Welcome to Gary Larson's surreal world.