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Weird and wonderful stuff for the mind.

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Some of these are a bit dates these days, but still make for interesting listening.

Weight Loss Aphorisms
Andrew T. Austin's Aphorisms about being fat and weight loss.

From 7 Day Practitioner to Therapist
This was a small piece that got me in a lot of trouble back in the day with many in the NLP world who were so desperately trying to raise their status. Where are they all now?

Scamming The Public
This little piece got me a load of legal threats and unpleasant emails from various people in the NLP and hypnotherapy world. Again, where are they all now?

The British Board of NLP (BBNLP)
Yeah, so sue me.

Putting a bit of neuroscience and magick into a good ol' bit of anchoring.

Accidental Post Hypnotic Suggestion
The structure of post-hypnotic suggestion. An important read for anyone working in a cliniucal setting.

Building a Bigger Idiot
A small piece I wrote for fun. The upset flowed from the usual suspects after I first posted this.

NLP Meta-Model
The obligatory piece on the meta-model. What NLP site would be complete without it?

Liver Damage
Alcoholism and Binge Drinking

The neurobiological and neurolinguistic aspects of phobia. If you are already familiar with the "fast phobia cure" and "swish patterns" this is the next step for you.

Depression, Frontal Lobes and NLP
How an understanding of different neurological aspects of depressive disorders will help design relevant interventions for this client group.

Complex Equivalencies
Complex equivalencies and the submodalities.

T.O.T.E.s, OCD & NLP
Obsessive compulsive disorder and NLP. Two papers, one summarising the neurobiology of OCD, the other, an older article detailing how an understanding of the T.O.T.E. model can be applied to this enigmatic neurological disorder.

A Walk In The Park
An overview of applied EMDR, the functions of the amygdala, how these are relevent to NLP and how not to present seminars!

Submodality Language
A very brief overview of how submodalities can be expressed through the content of language.

Recursive Frame Analysis
Analysis of language patterns used in a therapy scene from "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest."

Sleight Of Mouth Patterns In Schizophrenia
This unfinished article explores the possibility of a model of patterns occuring in schizophrenic reasoning. I'd be interested in any feedback on this article.

It's Good to Talk
The problems of the chemical imbalance theory.