I never use Powerpoint nor wear a tie.

  • For workshops and training courses, I charge £1500 per day plus expenses.
  • For NLP practice groups, I usually only charge expenses.

If you are considering hosting me for workshop but are unsure about the risk of financial commitment versus the risk of not getting enough participants, this is easily solvable.

Full Courses Offered

Metaphors of Movement (Levels 1 & 2) - 4 days total
Metaphors of Movement (Level 3) - 2 days total
Emotional Trading Masterclass - 2 days total
Mind, Myth and Magick - 2 days total
Introduction to Magick - 1/2 day, 1 day, 2 day programs available
Assessment and Treatment of Phantom Limb Pain - 1/2 day, 1 day programs

Short Presentations Offered (2 hours)

Introduction to Metaphors of Movement
Introduction to Applied Neurology
Assessment and Management of Voice Hearing and Hallucination
Anxiety Management and Treatment
Depression Management and Treatment


In most cases, I am happy to take a provisional booking without a deposit to enable the host to advertise the workshop in order to gauge the level of interest. I ask for some kind of commitment around 6-10 weeks before the event in order that I may arrange accommodation and travel. At this 6-10 week stage, we decide whether to go ahead and if so, a deposit is then payable.

In some regions, priority and exclusivity over some courses is given to existing hosts and organisers.

Please get in touch to discuss further.


"Andy Austin is an intelligent and entertaining trainer. He demonstrates high standards regarding working with clients and more importantly, he trains you to become aware of yourself as the clinician/coach in all types of situations. His material is very useful for individuals who want to increase their therapeutic skills. He cleverly leads students to find the answers within and then offers new ideas to challenge their learning even more. I have enjoyed my experiences learning from Andy and I recommend him as a trainer." Rachel Hott, Ph.D. Co-director The NLP Center of NY

"In a field filled with pretense, Andy's evident openness and curiosity for what is and what could be are very welcome... in addition to his considerable skills." Charles Faulkner.

"Love him or hate him, Andrew is always thought provoking in his communications and the planet certainly needs more people like him!" Nick Kemp, NLP Trainer.

"Andrew Austin is clear, original, and outspoken about mental illness, medication, and psychiatry. His skills were honed by years of experience in the "trenches" of psychiatry, so he knows what he is talking about." Steve Andreas