Low Self Esteem describes a lack of confidence in one's ability to perform, and their low sense of self-worth as an individual. Low self esteem, a cause and symptom of depression, anxiety and anger problems, has become the modern pariah.

Self esteem does indeed affect every action of an individual and it may be worth everyones while to figure out if she /he suffers from low self esteem. Child experts say low self esteem can also be caused from well-meaning, but misdirected parents, who focus on perfectionism or their child being a top performer at anything.

Esteem and respect are linked to status in the socialhierarchy, and to put someone down can have tangible and even life-threatening consequences.

Self-esteem was lowest in patients with major depressive disorder, eating disorders, and substance abuse.

A negative self image (or low self-esteem) can lead to problems such as insomnia, a bad temper, chronic shyness, alcohol and substance abuse, eating disorders, dysfunctional relationships, through to severe depression and even thoughts of suicide. It can affect all aspects of our lives: it can contribute to our fear of rejection (which causes us to avoid closeness); make us respond to loved ones with anger and defensiveness; keep us from communicating our true feelings; keep us isolated, unable to be vulnerable; and affect our physical health by causing digestive disorders or high blood pressure.

Low Self Esteem