Alternative Links
These are links to various sites that I believe to be of interest to NLP Practitioners: Neurology, Great Thinkers, Psychology, Mind Reading, Magic and more!

Links to organisations assisting those trapped in the psychiatric system - whether they are patients, clientele or members of staff.

Cults and Guru's.
Both the "NLP community" and "psychiatry" function similarly to cults. Find out more here.

Links to the best drug information sites chronicaling various aspects of chemically induced altered states.

Hypnosis Links

Male Rape, Prisons and Torture.

Magic and Mentalism

Links to some pages about my favourite mysteries, strangeness and general Forteana.

NLP Links

Links to sites that reflect a similar or individual viewpoint on psychiatry and schizophrenia.

Secret Societies
Questioning authority, thought crime, subterfuge and media jamming. You can join all these groups and begin work as a covert operative immediately.