Hyderabad is a City That Was Named After a Queen
By Douglas Scott

The city of Hyderabad is the capital of Andhra Pradesh, which is spread over the Deccan Plateau and is the fifth largest metropolitan city in India.

Hyderabad, also known as City of Nizams, is a city that was named after a queen Hyder Mahal. Hyderabad literally means the city of Hyder. The city has its own individual character, which is evident in the beautiful, ancient palaces and the equally modern, and state of the art offices and buildings.

The city has a co sister city, which is called as Secunderabad. A man made lake called the Hussain Sagar Lake divides both the cities.

Every tourist visiting India must make a trip to Hyderabad city in India, where you can see an astonishing blend of ancestral heritage with the modern IT sector.The IT sector has made such a deep impact on the ancestral that the city is often called as Cyberabad.

If shopping is your passion, you can pick up some distinctive items such as the famous pearls and other handicrafts, which are unique to the city and flaunt it with pride.

Hyderabad provides scrumptious delicacies to tease your taste buds. It is high on the spicy content so watch out. Keep some water ready on your side in case you accidentally chew on red hot chillies. The food is authentic and is a culmination of the Mughlai cuisine and the traditional style. Though the cuisine is predominantly vegetarian, the people on the coast do eat fish and prawns cooked in sesame or coconut. Rice toddy is the locally brewed alcoholic drink.

It can very well be called a tourists paradise. The tourist attractions are worth the visit. There are many places of interest for tourists. Not only are the tourist attractions places of historical interest, but also are strikingly picturesque. So if you want to soothe your eyes with the scenic view of an old monument against the backdrop of an evening sky with the flavour of local food tickling your taste buds, come and visit the famous tourist attractions.

Begin your trip with the historic Charminar that lies right in the heart. The monument is so famous it is almost synonymous. It is best to hire a tourist guide while you visit these places of interest. Not only would you get to know the history behind those monuments, these guides also help one to get around the city with ease.

Next, head on to the famous Golconda fort. Yes, the famous Kohinoor diamond was extracted from here. Right next to the fort is the famous Qutub Shahi tomb, which is an amalgamation of Indian and Persian architecture. The Paigah tombs are an exquisite example of delicate artistry on marble.

The Raymonds tomb is built in the memory of a French General, a rare honour in the name of a foreign general in India. Make it a point to visit the Salar Jung museum. It boasts of a single man collection of over 40,000 arty facts from all over the world. The best way to get around to see these places of interest is by hiring local transport, which are easily available in the city.