Some links and commentary.

Brief History of Electroshock (ECT)
From the abatoir to the psychiatric hospitals. An easy transition?

Shocking Therapy
So you thought it was banned, right? This constantly evolving article covers electro-convulsive therapy today. Plus links to some of the best ECT sites on the web.

Ugo Cerletti and ECT
Original article on ECT by the father of electroshock himself. Those wishing to know more about how ECT came about must read this paper.

Poor Mr. Jones.
Mr. Jones was my first ever client and an ECT recipient. This is his brief story.

Brief History of Lobotomy
You want to hang on to those frontal lobes. Again, you probably thought this was banned, right? Well, check here for some modern variations on an old theme.

Clinical Depression and the Frontal Lobes
Depression isn't a single entity, here are the differences between depression of the different lobes of the brain.

Depression and Sleep
Sleep, or the lack of it, is an important feature of depression.

Depression - Clinical Overview for NLP Practitioners
These are the things I'd expect NLP practitioners to understand when it comes to working with clinical depression.

The Hierarchy of Grief
A little known detail about the problem of grief.

The HOW of Depression
A response to the common question of, "Why are you depressed?"

Main Page. An overview on schizophrenia from a neurobiological viewpoint. although i dismiss the dopamine hypnothesis of schizophrenia, here are some aspects from neurobiology that are relevent for NLP Practitioners.

Paranoid Schizophrenia
DSM4 Description.

Catatonic Schizophrenia
DSM4 description and some personal experiences.

Answers to a student project on catatonic schizophrenia.

Disorganised Schizophrenia
DSM4 description.

Themes of Delusional Belief System in Schizophrenia
Delusions appear to take on a specific type of theme. here are just some of them.

Primary and Secondary Delusions
Some delusions will make perfect sense when seen in certain contexts.

Smothering Rehabilitation
Rehabilitation as a Schizophrenogenic Process. I think I was having a bad day when I wrote this, I'll rewrite it some time.

Reframing in the Aetiology of Schizophrenia
A Brief Summary of some language patterns involved in schizophrenogenesis. Links to some other similar articles.

Care Worker Syndromes.
Original and well observed article by Symon Price. Can we begin to organise these syndromes for the next Diagnostic Statistical Manual? Links to Symon's brilliant site on mental health issues.

Double Binds
Gregory Bateson's Necessary Ingredients for schizophrenogenic double binds with added commentary by me.

The Anti-depressants Page
It seems that almost all my clients are on one type of anti-depressant drug amongst God knows what else. If you are working as an NLP therapist, you must know at least a little about these drugs. Start here.

The House on the Hill
Sam was given psychiatric care all his life. Apparently it was all in in his very best interests.

Psychiatry Rant
Sometimes I just can't help myself. Here's my reply to an email enquiry about my views on psychiatric practice...

Psychiatry Rant (ii)
...and here's the follow up.

Diary of a Schizophrenia
For 6 weeks i lived with a schizophrenic man and his family. Here is an extract from my diary during that time.

Time Coding Considerations in Schizophrenia.