Schizophrenia Links Page

The sites listed on this page will provide information on schizophrenia that is at variance with the contemporary "chemical imbalance" that is currently popular as a theory of human experience. All links will open in a separate window. Please email me if you have a link that you would like to see here.

…we believe that we show that the experience and behaviour of schizophrenics is much more socially intelligible than has come to be supposed by most psychiatrists. We have tried in each single instance to answer the question: to what extent is the experience and behaviour of that person, who has already begun a career as a diagnosed 'schizophrenic' patient, intelligible in the light of the praxis and process of his or her family nexus? We believe that the shift of point of view that these descriptions both embody and demand has a historical significance no less radical than the shift from a demonological to a clinical viewpoint three hundred years ago.

R.D. Laing and Aaron Esterson.

The Double Bind: The Intimate Tie Between Behaviour and Communication
For one of the best articles on Bateson's double-bind theory of schizophrenia on the web.

Peter Breggin's homepage with lots of links and articles.

Also check out the works of Jay Haley and his "Strategic Psychotherapy" work:

Home Pages of Mental Health Service Users.

These websites provide important information on several levels. Firstly, they provide a first hand commentary on the mental health care services from the user's perspective - an important consideration for anyone working within the mental health care industry. Additionally, they provide an insight into the thoughts and ideas of people that have acquired a psychiatric diagnostic label. The NLPerson will do well to study these sites.

"This eccentric and eclectic site contains information on a wealth of subjects and an encyclopaedic set of things linked together conceptually."

Mental Magazine.
"I have created Mental because I believe we need an open forum that deals with every aspect of health and social care and allows free discussion and information sharing between people with different perspectives and experience. All the issues in Mental Magazineuk are discussed on the Yahoo! Noticeboard & Discussion Group attached to this site."