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From a google groups thread some time ago...

I don`t know if this helps, but i used to suffer from dreadful tinnitus, I noticed it got louder when i was having a bad day or generally miserable and it used to drive me quite potty when trying to get to sleep.  

After learning about NLP and beginning my journey of discovery there, I began to notice some things about the ringing in my ears.

Firstly, I noticed that the ringing had a specific frequency to it and a specific and constant pitch.  By changing the position of my jaw, the frequency and pitched would change.

Also, I noticed that consciously I could speed up or slow down the frequency of the ringing and spent a lot of time playing around with this.  Usually, this would inevitably lead me to fall asleep.

In doing this, I began to notice that depending on where i was placing my concentration, i.e. external/ internal activity would depend on whether or not I had been aware of the ringing.  This led me to realise that i was only aware of NOT having tinnitus retrospectively and this realisation only occured when I subsequently was experiencing the tinnitus.

Elicit the submodalities of hearing tinnitus/not being aware of tinnitus and change the timeline stuff- future pace with the tinnitus submodalities swished.

Since then, I increasingly forgot to remember that I was `supposed` to have tinnitus.

This was several years ago, and until I saw this posting, I had forgotton all about it.

The tinnitus hasn`t returned.

A colleague who works in the audiology labs tells me that everyone produces internal noises in the ear.  Tinnitus generally depends on the person being aware of these sounds.

He also tells me (as a curiousity) that severe tinnitus resulting from hearing damage can actually be heard with a sensitive microphone placed in the ear canal as the tinnitus causes the tipanic membrane to vibrate.  He tells me that this is no barrier to the person losing the tinnitus.

I hope this has been of some hope.

Later, this newsgroup post was quoted on the same forum, here was my follow up:


Wow!  I just got in from a party and i see myself quoted.  I'd quite forgotten that i used to have tinnitus, and oh boy! I remember how it nearly drove me nuts!

Since that post I have learned about "tonotonic pathways" - the ways different cells within the auditory cortex react differently to different frequencies of sound.  I hadn't yet considered how this can be applied to problems such as tinnitus.

Give me a couple of days, and i`ll see if i can come up with a "step by step" method of removing tinnitus.

I suspect the basic premise is that everyones hearing mechanism produces an internal sound, whether you hear it or not will depend on the internal sounds you generate and where you place your awareness .  Many people will have experienced the effect of "anti-noise" - like being in an aeroplane, where the background noise seems quite quiet, but you need to raise your voice in order to be heard.

When I was a child i used to keep aquarium fish.  Before my father built me a large shed to accommodate all the tanks, I had a few tanks in my bedroom, one time i change the airpump to a more powerful but much more noisey one -
after a few daze, I no longer noticed the incessant hum of the pump.

Basically, I had adapted to the fact that the noise was supposed to be there and i no longer noticed it.  I was young and i don`t know how this happened, it just *did*.

I'm sure we can apply the same to such noises as tinnitus.


Andrew Austin.