Pre-Structured Session Designs

"If you've been in therapy before and felt that you were just going over what was wrong and not getting anywhere, then I'm the kind of therapist who can help you to create a whole new way of achieving things based on challenging assumptions and building upon the strengths you already have." Andrew T. Austin

It is common for people to want to do something about their lives, but they just don't know what. A common response from clients to my question, "What can I do for you?" is, "Well, I don't know really..." This isn't entirely surprising. When I started out on my own personal development, I didn't really know what I wanted, I only understood what I didn't want.

These session designs are aimed at the person who is in this familiar position.

All session designs are charged at £125.00 and last 1-2 hours.

All sessions are with Andrew T. Austin, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Master Practitioner of NLP, Provocative Therapist and EFT Practitioner.

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Session Designs

My Life Sucks! Book Now
Had a tough time recently? Lost the house, the dog, your social network? Is life - for want of a better phrase - pretty shit, and you want to get back on top of it again? The "My Life Sucks" session is designed to guide you through to better way of living - it works!

Why Am I So Unpopular? Book Now
This is a tough one. It is not about learning to like yourself because the chances are that you are quite unlikable. Fear not, we can change this.

I'm a Failure! Everything I do is a disaster! Book Now
Do you have the opposite of the midas touch? Does everything you touch break, fall over, runs away, dies or simply leaves you as soon as they realise what you are like? This session is designed at overcoming this and making the world a safer place.

I'm Scared of Girls (and I'll probably die a virgin) Book Now
This speaks for itself. This session design is based around building confidence and giving you the tricks and tips from the masters of seduction.

My Sex Life Sucks! Book Now
Sexual problems are one of the most common causes of anxiety, low self-esteem, fear of relationships, etc. What I commonly hear from people is that the reason they left it so long to get help is that they feared being laughed at for admitting the problem. Well, fear not, for when you tell me of your sexual problem, I shall sit there looking at you in horror. Whether it be premature ejaculation, impotence, vaginal farting, an obsession with the cat or a fear of squelching, this session is designed to guide you through to a perfectly safe, effective and completely humour free resolution.

I Wet The Bed! Book Now
In my therapy practice I am often consulted by adult bedwetters seeking help to overcome their problem. What is awful is that so many people have suffered this problem for so long because they too embarrassed to ask for help. The problem impacts on so much more than a simple laundry bill. It can be quite hard to maintain a normal sexual relationship when your partner keeps waking up covered in your piss. Staying over at friend's houses can be problematic too. Want to change this? I know I would!

I Want To Be Confident Enough To Lose Weight! Book Now
You know who you are. You already know the foods to eat, you keep meaning to do that exercise, you know all the right stuff...but somehow it never actually happens, does it? Well, fear not. You and thousands of other fat people have the same issue. This session is designed at at doing something different and overcoming this.

Overcoming Trauma Book Now
Very bad things do happen to people. There's no humour to this, it hurts. I have heard stories from clients that have made me weep and I've experienced a nightmare or two as well. This is life and we deal with it. Sometimes we just need someone to show us how.

I Want To Let Go Of The Past! Book Now
Yep - it might be that you had rubbish parents. Ok, they tried their best, but let's face it, some parents just weren't cut out for the job. It might have been a traumatic relationship, your past behaviour, you got emotionally cut up and hurt or whatever. Sometimes it can be very hard to just let go and move on. This session will show you how to do this.

I'm Scared of Being Sick Book Now
This is surprisingly common and it is easy enough to overcome. What, you want to think about it?

I'm A Hopeless Case - I Cannot Be Helped! Book Now
Ok, so you've tried counselling (it was too weak), hypnosis (you just pretended to be in trance), medication from the G.P. (either didn't work, or too many side effects), "medication" from the dodgy geezer up the road (great, but far too addictive and expensive), accupuncture (no effect on you), CBT (you still don't understand what that was all about) and on and on and on... So, what makes this different? Well, this session is designed to be provocative, confrontational and kick-ass effective. As a provocative therapist, I have no fear of offending some my clients - this session design will indeed challenge and provoke you.

How Come I Ended Up So Lonely? Book Now
Often, especially for men, loneliness arrives when a partner leaves. Guys have this tendancy to drop their friends over time and rely on their partners for a social life. This session is designed to build confidence and put you back into the social game.

I Can't Sleep Book Now
Insomnia is horrible - the hours are long, the partner is fed up with it, it is hard to concentrate. Sometimes, your memory is so bad you worry about Alzheimer's disease. This session is designed to teach you how to get that much needed peaceful night's sleep and to dream beautifully.

I Deliberately Self Harm Book Now
Years ago I was a Casualty nurse, we saw a lot of razor blade swallowers, cutters, repeated overdosers, self punchers, and hair pullers. This session design is aimed at putting some form of control back into what is often a chaotic and emotional turbulant lifestyle.


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"Andrew Austin the madcap master of NLP, hypnosis and much, much more. His presentations continually presuppose fun and his passionate belief in his material is outstanding. If you are just starting out or already have much experience you cant help but learn from the master of wit…(and you'll be coming back for more!)" Roy Miller

"I can't thank you enough for inviting me and my friends onto your most excellent course. It has been the single most productive event in all my NLP studies…" Rob A'Court

"I received hypnotherapy treatment from you back in June of this year for stopping smoking, and I would just like to say that I seemed to have succeeded in my battle of the vile habit! In other words I still haven't smoked and it is wonderful. My life feels so much fresher and I have a certain sense of self-confidence and well being that I have managed to overcome something that really did used to stress me out. I can't even believe that I used to smoke… it is a weird but pleasant feeling." E. C.

"Initially rather unsettling, but always provocative, Andy has been a great source of inspiration and general support." C. Carol